UP Police’s heroic act saves couple from burning bike moving at 112 km/hour


The Uttar Pradesh Police has posted an extraordinary video of a couple riding a speeding bike, which was in flames as it moved with a speed of 112 km per hour. The brave cops chased the bike rider for four kilometer before managing to blocking his way to ensure that he stopped his bike.

In the video, a family with a child could be seen riding a bike unaware that their vehicle had caught fire from behind. The police van kept chasing them in order to bring their attention to the tragedy waiting to happen. But, it took them four kilometers to finally stop the bike.

UP100, which is an emergency helpline of the Uttar Pradesh Police, took to Twitter to post the dramatic video. It said that the incident took place in the state’s Etawah district. According to the UP100, no sooner did the bike overtake the police vehicle, did the cops notice that a bag on the bike had caught fire. Thanks to the alertness of the cops, not only did they manage to stop the family, but also quickly douse the fire with the help of a blanket.

As expected, the cops are being hailed on social media for their incredible alertness and commitment to their profession. Had they not cared to chase the family relentlessly, a big tragedy was waiting to happen, even possibly resulting in loss of lives.

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