UP Police suspends cop after he abuses family of murdered Ankit Saxena on Twitter for organising Iftar party


Uttar Pradesh Police has suspended one of its cops after he posted an abusive tweet targeting the family of murdered Ankit Saxena and taunting them for their imaginary conversion to Islam in a disparaging manner.

Akit was brutally murdered on a busy Delhi street by the family members of his Muslim girlfriend in February this year. His death had sent shockwaves across India. The right-wing Hindutva groups had desperately tried to give it a communal colour but Ankit’s father had publicly refused to be party to any such attempts. He was widely hailed for not letting vested interests hijack the tragic loss of his son.

Yashpal Saxena on Sunday organised an Iftar party in the Muslims’ Holy month of Ramadan to promote communal harmony. As expected, the remarkable gesture by Yashpal Saxena was widely covered by Indian media.

Responding to the news of Ankit’s father hosting an Iftar party, a cop from Kanpur Police tweeted abusing Yashpal Saxena and taunting him for his imaginary conversion to Islam. Taunting Ankit’s father, Arvind Singh Parihar tweeted, “Congratulations on embracing Islam, haramkhor.”

Parihar’s reaction left many shocked on twitter as some users even contacted the UP Police asking it to take action against the cop, deployed with the Kanpur Police. The UP Police responded instantly asking the Kanpur Police to take corrective action against the policeman in question.

Moments later, Kanpur Nagar Police tweeted saying that Parihar had been found guilty and suspended with immediate effect. It wrote, “We had the said matter investigated by the area officer and after being found guilty, the said policeman was suspended with immediate effect.”

The UP Police’s zero tolerance on racism and bigotry has earned it plenty of plaudits on social media with journalists and commentators applauding its truly remarkable act.

The UP Police’s action will also set an example for men in uniform not just in Uttar Pradesh but across India. It will also inspire India’s police forces to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone, who dares to contribute to disturbing the age-old pluralism of India.