Ugly fight breaks out on Air India flight after pilot orders cabin crew to wash his lunchbox


India’s national carrier Air India has taken a pilot and a cabin crew member off duty after both caused considerable embarrassment to themselves and the airline by getting into an ugly fight.

Air India
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According to reports, the Bengaluru-Delhi flight was about to take off when the pilot ordered a cabin crew member to wash his lunchbox on Monday. This led to a heated exchange between the two, forcing the plane to be delayed by at least one hour.

The national carrier has de-rostered both of them since the fight had taken place in front of passengers, causing irreparable damage to the airline’s reputation. The aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) too has taken serious note of the incident promising stringent action against them.

One Air India cabin crew was quoted by India Today that this incident did not come as a surprise. “Captains often push the cabin crew to do menial jobs. They ask the crew to make lassi, milkshake, and mix and match meals. I have had many such experiences but I have always taken a stand and told the Captains a firm no,” the unnamed crew member was quoted as saying.

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An Air India official, according to news agency ANI, confirmed the incident and said an investigation in this regard had already been launched. The airline has issued summons to the crew members for questioning.

Air India has often found itself in the news due to wrong reasons. However, last month, a sweet gesture by one of its crew members, Manjula Arora, had earned the national carrier plenty of plaudits globally.