Two Gurgaon schools copy paste notification letters, addressing concern on child safety


The Ryan International School tragedy in Gurgaon, where a seven-year-old boy was found lying in a pool of blood on Friday morning, has left parents shocked and helpless.

42-year-old bus conductor of the said School, accused of this heinous crime, has instantly confessed to the same. He was sacked by another school eight months ago for his “sexually predatory behaviour”, police investigations revealed on Saturday.

As a part of safety measures undertaken by other schools in the vicinity, emails/notifications have been issued by respective principals, addressing concerns of the parents, assuring well-being of their children.

In a deplorable incident, we have stumbled upon two letters dated 09th September, issued by the Presidium School and Lotus Valley International School, in Gurugram. Both letters are identical in language and almost copy pasted.

While the letter expresses grief and concern by both principals, the same has also left many parents to question the seriousness of the letters issued. It is unknown, which school issued the letter first and which school replicated the same.

However, such a hurried and casual exercise has raised an alarm on the genuineness of the management to ensure children safety. In the meanwhile, the Gurgaon police has vowed to file the charge sheet within a week.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner, Sandeep Khirwar said, police will seek to fast track the trial.