Trouble for PM Modi as Congress too joins AAP on alleged fake degree controversy


After a sustained attack by Aam Aadmi Party on the alleged fake degree row of the prime minister, Congress too extended its support to the chorus questioning Narendra Modi on his educational qualifications on Saturday.

Congress’ Manish Tiwari on Saturday asked, “First of all, if the Prime Minister would be kind enough to clarify on his educational qualifications, the rest of the diatribe would then be answered.”

Congress’ reluctance to criticise what many felt was glaring discrepancies in Modi’s leaked degrees had come for sharp scrutiny on social media platforms.

Many rank insiders had confided to that India’s grand old party’s refusal to take a stand on prime minister’s alleged fake degrees was yet another missed opportunity.

Requesting anonymity one leader said, ” our party’s silence on degree row has left us baffled. We are not happy that our reluctance has allowed the newbie AAP to once again hijack one more agenda from us.”

It was AAP, which displayed unprecedented haste in launching blistering attack on PM Modi after several news outlets carried the leaked degrees of him.

They even traced the PM’s namesake from Rajasthan saying that the reported BA certificate belonged to him and not Modi.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday had taunted Modi saying that there was no shame in being a less educated prime minister adding that the real shame was in having a dishonest PM.

Last week, AAP had sent three of its leaders to Delhi University asking for the copy of the PM’s BA degree, but they were told to contact the PMO for degree related documents.