Swaraj India’s Yogendra Yadav arrested by Tamil Nadu Police, then released


Swaraj India’s founder, Yogendra Yadav, on Saturday said that Tamil Nadu Police had arrested him while he was on his way to meet the protesting farmers.

Taking to Twitter, Yadav wrote, “Finally, I have been arrested. My crime: wanting to meet farmers in their home. Where is rule of law?”

Earlier in the day, Yadav had posted a series of messages including a video alleging that the cops had detained him as he made his way to Tiruvannamalai district to meet farmers protesting against a proposed Rs. 10,000 crore eight-lane Salem-Chennai expressway.

Minutes later, the psephologist-turned-;politician tweeted again to inform that the he had been released. He wrote, “Finally, TN govt relents. All farmers ( abt 40) who were detained with us have been released. Though it’s late in night.I am now going to meet farmers of village Nammianthel, where I was prevented from going. Let’s hope it works out!”

A tweet by Yadav had earlier said, “”TN police has detained me and team in Chengam PS, Thiru Annamalai district. We came on the invitation of Movement Against 8 Lane Way. We were prevented from going to meet farmers, phones snatched, manhandled and pushed into police van. First hand experience of police state in TN! (sic)” tweeted Mr Yadav.”

The news of Yadav’s arrest evoked angry reactions from across India with famous Tamil actor Siddharth taking to Twitter to express his anguish. He wrote, “@YogendraYadav has academic and legitimate development work credentials that very few people in Indian politics have. If his right to meet farmers has been denied, I urge him to fight this wrong and come out redeemed. #TamilNaduPolice #TamilNadu.”

Tamil Police have come udner sharp attack for its brutal treatment against the protesters by indiscriminately arresting local residents and activists who are agitating against the forceful acquisition of their agricultural land.