Suspicions raised after journalist shares video of truck leaving with EVMs in Lucknow without security even before polling ends


Fresh suspicions are being raised after a journalist shared a video of truck leaving with EVMs without any security even before the polling ended officially in Lucknow.


Journalist Anurag Dhanda wrote while sharing the video (watch below), “Time of polling to end is 6 pm, but where are these EVMs being taken to in Lucknow at 5.30 pm? That too without any security?”

One journalist pointed out that these EVMs could have been the reserved ones used to replace the faulty or malfunctioning voting machines. He wrote, “May be these are reserved EVMs which replaces faulty EVMs.”

However, the question remains as to how a truck full of EVMs could be moving without any security. The use of EVMs in Indian elections has been a controversial topic with critics raising questions on the credibility of machines. Many opposition parties have alleged that EVMs may have been tampered with to suit the saffron party since every faulty machine was seen to be favouring the BJP.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh is seeking re-election from Lucknow against the grand alliance candidate and wife of Shatrughan Sinha, who’s contesting elections from Patna Sahib on a Congress ticket.