Sushma Swaraj says Naresh Agrawal’s statement on Jaya Bachchan ‘improper and unacceptable’

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Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has slammed Naresh Agrawal for his ‘improper’ statement about actor-tunred-politician, Jaya Bachchan calling it unacceptable.

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She wrote, “Shri Naresh Agarwal has joined Bhartiya Janata Party. He is welcome. However, his comments regarding Jaya Bachhan ji are improper and unacceptable.”

Her condemnation for Agrawal came just moments after the latter left the Samajwadi Party to join the BJP. After formally joining the saffron party, Agrawal had said, “Films mein kaam karne wali se meri haisiyat kardi gayi, unke naam par humara ticket kataa gaya, maine isko bhi bahut uchit nahi samjha. Par meri koi shart nahi aya, koi Rajya Sabka ki ticket ki maang nahi hai. (My comparison was drawn with those working in films… I was rejected for those who dance in films, work in films. I did not find it proper. But I don’t have any conditions. I have no demands for Rajya Sabha ticket).”

Agrawal on Monday had joined the BJP in presence of Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal. He was reportedly unhappy over being denied a Rajya Sabha ticket by his former party, which has preferred to nominate actor Jaya Bachchan over him. Also joining the BJP is his son and an SP MLA, Nitin Agrawal.

Sources within the BJP said that not everyone was pleased with Agrawal’s induction into the party primarily because of his ‘insulting’ comments for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In November 2013, Agrawal had called Modi a madaria street performer. He had said, “Narendra Modi wants to become a PM. Someone rising from a tea shop can never have a national perspective. Like, if you appoint a ‘sipahi’ (constable) as ‘kaptan’ (superintendent of police), he will not have the approach of a SP but a constable only….Even street performers manage to gather crowd but they disperse the moment the performance ends.”




  1. BJP is opening PANDORA BOX by inducting leaders like Naresh Agarwal which is a suicidal step. BJP has become a den of corrupts and criminals from other parties.


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