Sunny Leone’s seemingly naked family pic including that of adopted daughter raises questions on India’s adoption laws


Pornstar and Bollywood actor Sunny Leone has found herself in a spot of bother after her husband Daniel Weber on Sunday decided to mark Father’s Day by posting a semi-naked photo of his family including that of their adopted daughter Nisha.

Photo: News24 Online

In the photo posted by Weber (whose identity on Instagram is @dirty99) posted the seemingly naked photo of their adopted daughter with the caption, “This is Fathers Day!!! The greatest love one can imagine !!! Thank You @sunnyleone for meeting Nisha Kaur and Falling in Love for both of us !!! You are always the one who knows Best. She is everything and has stole my heart forever !!!! Xoxoxo Thank You !!!! (sic)”

In the photo (see below), Leone appears to be unclothed. The child also seems to be without any clothes on with only Leone’s hands covering the little girl’s modesty. Weber, for his part, is seen lying next to both of them shirtless. It seems the photo has been taken by another individual.

The post evoked such nasty responses that some of them can’t even be reproduced here. They included vulgar comments for Leone targeting her for her porn business. There were also ‘pedophilia’ jibes aimed at Weber. Among the ‘saner’ comments, one user manal.hq wrote, “shame of India.” Another user sarcastically commented, “when u have addiction on being naked.” “Why are you naked?” asked one user. Many also wondered if the person clicking the photo was also naked. The overall theme of the public outrage was that they had subjected even a little girl to public exposure wearing little or no clothes.

Leone and Weber had adopted their daughter in India last year. In an interview, Leone, whose ‘acting talent’ was recognised by Bollywood after she appeared in the reality TV show Bigg Boss few years ago, said that it took them nine months to complete the adoption procedure.

This development may prompt psychologists and educationists in India to question the existing Indian adoption procedures. On the official websites of adoption of Indian children; nowhere does it mention a more stringent filter of means of livelihood of adopting parents.  One psychologist that Janta Ka Reporter spoke to said, “Families usually discuss work at home. Children are often privy to their parents’ work-related conversations. it would hardly provide the right environment for the moral upbringing of the adopted child if the adopting family has had or continues to be associated with the porn business. A person who is surrounded by material of a sexual content and who still earns a living as a result of gratification of sexual needs in exchange of money should by no means be considered as a candidate for adoption.”

The criteria for adoption laid down by Central Adoption Resource Authority of Ministry of Women and Child Development focuses on the minimum age limit and the financial stability of the aspiring parents, but it’s silent on the applicants’ professional background.

Sunny Leon’s porn website continues to remain live even after the actor has made a successful transition from the adult industry to Bollywood. The visitors of her adult website are expected to pay to watch Leone’s hardcore porn videos. The website also takes pride in stating how ‘Sunny has made sure her very own is one of the top solo girl sites in the industry.’

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Leone had courted controversy in 2014 after it was revealed that she was also the co-owner of an American website that sold blow-up dolls. Although she had denied any association with the website, the owners of the website had refuted her claims. “We have a signed contract. We have videos, photos and productions over $100,000. She is denying [the&shy association] because she wants to clean up her image as she is getting Bollywood offers,” Raj Armani, COO of the website, had told Hindustan Times.

In 2016, another row had erupted after she was asked questions about her ‘past’ as an adult film actor by a TV journalist during an interview. She has also faced many police complaints for promoting obscenity in India in the past.