Padmavati controversy: Angry Subramanian Swamy slams Deepika Padukone, call for Times Now’s boycott


Joining the raging controversy on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has slammed actor Deepika Padukone for her ‘regressive’ statement while also calling his supporters to boycott Times Now channel.

Reacting to Deepika’s statement, Swamy tweeted, “Cine actress Deepika Padukone giving us lecture on regression!! Nation can progress only when it is regression from her perspective.”

In an interview to IANS, Deepika has said, “It’s appalling, it’s absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed,” she said, commenting on the hullabaloo the movie is causing pre-release.”

Swamy also asked his supporters to boycott Times Now channel accusing one of its anchors, Athar Khan, of lying. According to him, the Times Now anchor had falsely attributed a comment on Deepika to him.

He wrote, “Athar in TNN imported from NewsX says I said: Since Deepika P was born in Copenhagen she cannot speak on Indian issues. Liar. Boycott TNN?”

Doubts on the extent to which Bhansali has fictionalised the story has led to a spiralling controversy with politicians, organisations and individuals raising a finger at Bhansali for “distorting history” and demanding that the release of Padmavati be stalled. Deepika is convinced the movie will release, as scheduled, on 1 December.