Student asks Modi if he is nervous about 2019, PM says he has potential to be journalist


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday held an event, billed as Pariksha Pe Charcha (Discussion about exams), where he took questions from students. This came just days after External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj released a book, Exam Warriors, by PM Modi in Delhi.

Duringthe Pariksha Pe Charcha event on Friday, a class 12 student, identified as Girish Singh, asked Modi if he was nervous about the next year’s Lok Sabha elections. He asked, “Sir, it seems both of us have our respective board exams next year. I will be sitting in for Class 12 exams, while you will be facing the Lok Sabha polls. How prepared are you? Are you nervous?”

The question brought a smile on the prime minister’s face and caused laughter in the hall, where among others, senior union ministers were also present. After asking for the student’s name, Modi replied, “I am pretty confident that If I were your teacher, I would have guided you to take up journalism as a profession. Because, only a journalist is capable of asking a question by giving it a spin.”

Modi then went on to explain that he was never bothered about elections since, according to him, polls were just byproducts of ‘hard work’ and sincerity. He advised the student to also focus on hard work and not care about the exam results.

“I follow the same principle in politics…I am only bothered about how I could serve 125 crore people of this country. Elections will come and go, they are just byproducts… We are facing the exam 24 hours. If there’s even an insignificant municipal body polls somewhere in the country and we lose, then there’s a breaking news, ‘Blow on Modi’ (sic).”

The prime minister also said that he was not a politician as politics was not a part of his nature. As for the 2019 polls and his preparedness, Modi said that he was confident of support from India’s 125 crore population.