“Stop this now”: British boxer Kell Brook raises voice against farmers brutality India


British professional boxer Kell Brook has raised his voice against farmers brutality allegedly committed by police in India recently. Brook, who held IBF welterweight title from 2014 to 2017, shared a photo of one Ranjit Singh being crushed under the boots of a policeman and wrote, “Stop this now.”

Brook also used hashtag #JusticeForTheKisan in his social media post, which has been retweeted nearly 29,000 times. Reacting to the British boxer’s post, one user wrote, “I’m ashamed being an Indian. I hope the govt apologize and stop these atrocities on the minorities who have given their life and blood for India’s progress.” Another wrote, “Police with goons …in support of goons against farmers.”

No sooner did the photo of Ranjit Singh being crushed under a cop’s boot go viral, many had begun comparing it with the photo of George Floyd of the US, which had led to the global campaign of ‘Blacks’ Lives Matter.’

Ranjit Singh was assaulted allegedly by cops and BJP goons when a mob attacked the farmers’ protest site at the Singhu border last week. According to local journalist Mandeep Punia, those attacking farmers at the Singhu border were BJP workers. Punia was arrested immediately after he made the revelation in his Facebook LIVE. He’s currently in a Delhi jail after his bail was denied by a local court.


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