This south Indian actor says businessman made indecent proposal


Popular south Indian actor Amala Paul has alleged that a businessman had made sexual advancement towards her during a dance rehearsal for an upcoming event, scheduled to be held in Malaysia. This prompted her to file a police complaint with the T Nagar police station in Chennai.

“I have been going to a dance practice for the past few days, for an event, that is set to happen in Malaysia. During the practice, this person comes and talks to me personally, when I am alone. He talks about trading me, sexually, to another person, and asks sexual favours, which was not comfortable.

“I was shocked and humiliated. I didn’t feel safe about this and that is why I have come here, to file a complaint against him. This happened at Sridhar Master’s dance studio, but he is not aware of this. He doesn’t have any connection. Someone from the event organizers team should have only intimated this person about my dance practice schedule,” Paul was quoted by website.

The cops have arrested the businessman in question and said that he could face up to three years in jail, if convicted.

“The man had allegedly sought sexual favours from the actress. We are investigating. We’ve registered a case of sexual harassment and insulting the modesty of a woman,” a senior police officer told NDTV.

The news followed the rumours that the actor had been arrested in a tax evasion case. The news of her arrest later turned out to be untrue.