Social media meme on ‘fake Gujarat model’ triggers war of words between Congress and BJP


A war of words has started between the supporters of Congress and BJP in Gujarat after social media memes mocking claims of the state being the “model of development” became topic of intense conversation.

This started after numerous memes began to be widely circulated on social media platforms with a Gujarati tagline: “vikas gando thai gayo chhe (development has gone crazy). These memes are accompanied by humorous videos and pictures of people taking selfies or riding a bicycle.

Assembly elections in Gujarat are due later this year and Prime Minister Narendra has always used the so-called development model of the state during his time as chief minister to brag about the BJP’s style of governance. His political rivals, however, have always countered his claims calling them fake.

The state has witnessed a series of violence in recent months with Dalits and Patidars being visibly angry over the atrocities committed their community members. The state has also witnessed nearly 400 deaths because of Swine Flu raising questions over Gujarat’s healthcare system.

Reacting to the images, state unit BJP president Jitu Vaghani told reporters that “Vikas (development) may have gone crazy but vikas is going to win”.

“Gujarat has shown the model of development to the world. And in development lies everybody’s interest. The work of the Congress has been to create a strife in the name of caste, creed, religion, and community…The opposition party has divided people and made them fight in name of reservation and other such policies,” he was quoted by PTI.

The BJP leader said his party had worked for the development of all communities, while keeping the interest of dalits and backward classes in mind.

However, state unit Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki said the talk of development by Vaghani is “crazy”.

“The president of the state unit of BJP does not know what he is saying. He meant that a crazy person will win the election. But he should understand that people of Gujarat are intelligent and enlightened who will not hand over the reins to such people again,” he told reporters.