Smriti Irani’s former aide allegedly doctored Kanhaiya video, deletes twitter account


A forensic report has revealed that one of Smriti Irani’s former aides had ‘doctored’ videos that accused the JNU students’ leader Kanhaiya Kumar of making anti-India slogans.

India Today reported that the ‘Forensic Audio, Video, Authentication Report’ found two files to be ‘problematic.’

The first video was named as Q1 and titled as ‘Kanhaiya caught shouting anti-India slogans.’ This clip reportedly came from YouTue and was later used by several news channels.

This, the channels had said provided clinching proof of Kanhaiya’s involvement in anti-national? sloganeering.

Second video, named as Q2, according to India Today, was picked up from a URL address ‘shilpitewari.’

Shilpi Tewari, an active twitter user in flying the flag for Sangh ideology on twitter and known for trolling anybody critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government, was a campaign manager of Irani during Lok Sabha election in Amethi.

Tiwari has since then deleted her twitter account and gone underground.

Such is Tewari’s proximity to Irani that social media has been abuzz with allegations that HRD Ministry had relaxed the rules to employ Tiwari as a consultant ‘at a fee of Rs 35,000 per month.’ (See the meeting note below).

The meeting note below is now being widely shared on twitter in the wake of new revelation of Tewari’s alleged involvement in doctoring Kanhaiya video.

In its conclusion, the forensic report has said that ‘abrupt changes were found in the pitch and the intensity contours….indicating that the recording is not authentic.”

However, Indian Express reported that three out of the seven video clips of the alleged ‘anti-national’ sloganeering in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on 9 February, examined by the Delhi government, had been found to be ‘doctored.

The video samples were sent by the Delhi government to Truth Lab in Hyderabad. On 13 February, the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi had ordered the District Magistrate in the capital to file a factual report about the incident, following conflicting claims of different parties shouting allegedly anti-national slogans on the JNU campus.

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