Sir Lewis Hamilton to retire from Formula 1 after shocker from Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Seven-time World Champion unfollows all on Instagram


Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has sensationally revealed that legendary British F1 driver, Sir Lewis Hamilton, will retire from the competitive race after being disillusioned by an allegedly rigged Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this month.

According to the British tabloid, The Sun, Ecclestone made the revelation after speaking to Sir Lewis Hamilton’s father.

“I don’t think he is coming back, I think he will not race next year. His disappointment in Abu Dhabi was too great, and I understand him. Now, tied for seven titles with Michael Schumacher, it is the perfect time for him to fulfill his dream and be a fashion entrepreneur,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying.

Sir Lewis, who received a knighthood from Prince Charles this month, is a seven-time World Champion of Formula One race and holds the record jointly with Michael Schumacher.

In Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sir Lewis led the race for 57 out of 58 laps until the race director, Michael Masi, controversially done away with the FIA rules and allowed Max Verstappen to win his first World Championship title. Many believe that the race was fixed to stop Hamilton from being the all-time great. Had Sir Lewis won the Abu Dhabi race, he would become the only race driver to win a record eight world championship titles.

Masi’s controversial decision had prompted many Hollywood celebrities to allege that Sir Lewis was targeted because of his colour. Ecclestone, a White British national, had controversially told Sky News that he did not want Sir Lewis to go past Schumacher.

Meanwhile, Sir Lewis has unfollowed everyone on Instagram and has not shared a single post since being robbed off a record-breaking title by Masi and his associates. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff had said that Sir Lewis was ‘disillusioned at the moment’ and he could not guarantee if the champion driver would return to professional racing in 2022.

Wolff had said that for a ‘man with clear values’ like Hamilton, Sunday’s outcome was difficult to accept.

He had added, “I would very much hope that Lewis continues racing because he’s the greatest driver of all time. When you look at it from the point of view of the last four races, he was dominant, there was not even a doubt who won the race. And that was worthy of winning the world championship.”

Sir Lewis and Wolff had decided to boycott the FIA prize ceremony.