Singer Diljit Dosanjh becomes emotional on reality show while talking about children’s massacre in Syria


Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh became emotional during a reality show on Colors TV this weekend while recalling the atrocities being committed against children and women in Syria by the country’s brutal dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

Photo: Screen grab from Video

Dosanjh, who is one of the judges of Colors TV’s singing reality show, Rising Star, surprised everyone with his comments on the plight of children in Syria. While reacting to the performance of a contestant, Dosanjh said, “It seems the humanity has died in Syria. Since Rohan Preet (the contestant) hails from Patiala, I would like to inform that Ravi Singh ji from Khalsa Aid has traveleld to Syria to help the victims there. I just want to say that he’s not alone. We are all with him. I would like to thank Khalsa Aid today.

“The aim of this reality show was to remove the barriers in society…I would like to appeal to everyone that we must live with harmony across the world including Syria.”

More than 600 innocent civilians, many children, have been massacred in Syria by the government forces backed by Russia and Iran. The country’s Shia ruler has denied access to any humanitarian aids reaching the victims. The UN said that it had failed to get the permission for a convoy of 40 trucks carrying aids to the strife-torn region.

Khalsa Aid, whose volunteers reached the affected region with relief materials last week, was widely applauded for its concern for humanity. The Arab countries, on the other hand, have remained largely unmoved by the unfolding disaster in Syria.

Syria is a Sunni-majority country, where protests have been taking place since 2011 by the pro-democracy groups. But, giving in to the demands of pro-democracy movement would mean holding elections. A free and fair elections will inevitably result in the election of a Sunni leader of the new government thereby bringing an end to Shia Iran’s influence in Syria. Removal of al-Assad will also end Russian dominance in the country, where Moscow wants to have its presence to continue to wield influence in the middle-east.

As much as 87% of the Syrian population follows Islam. Of them a whopping 75% of them are Sunnis, while 12% are the followers of Shia sect of Islam.