Shocking video shows body of COVID patient being thrown into river from bridge in Uttar Pradesh


In a shocking development, a video has emerged from Uttar Pradesh showing how a dead body of a COVID patient is being thrown into a river from a bridge. The video was shared by a journalist on Twitter, triggering widespread outrage.
Uttar Pradesh

According to the video, the shocking incident was captured by a commuter in UP’s Balrampur district.

The Balrampur Police confirmed the incident and said that the body was of one Premnath Mishra, who was admitted into a hospital for COVID treatment on 25 May. However, he died three days later on 28 May. Balrampur CMO Dr. VB Singh said that the body was handed over to the victim’s relatives by adhering to COVID protocol to perform the last rites.

“His (the deceased’s) relatives threw the dead body into the river. We’ve registered a police complaint against them,” Singh added.

This comes just days after hundreds of dead bodies were found to be floating in Ganga in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Scores of dead bodies had to be buries on the banks of river in Allahabad after the global coverage of the news heaped embarrassment on the state’s Yogi Adityanath government.