Shaina NC tweets fake photo shaming Chandigarh’s stalking victim, later deletes tweet blaming hackers


BJP spokesperson, Shaina NC, on Monday joined the group of people who sought to publicly shame the victim of Chandigarh’s stalking incident.

Shaina, in her tweet, had posted an image of the victim, Varnika Kundu, with a copied message that read, “So called victim Beti with Vikas Barala. Justice must be done with Subhash Barala (BJP’s Haryana chief) and son. Story is as true as Jasleen Kaur of Delhi &Rohtak sisters.”

Most of the content used in Shaina’s tweet were copied from the viral tweets, posted by a Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant P Umrao, also appearing to shame the victim of stalking and near-kidnapping.

His tweets, mocking the girl, had gone viral on Twitter. In his social media posts, Umrao, who has a verified Twitter handle, had addressed Kundu as the so-called ‘victim’ and even cast aspersion on the IAS officer’s integrity.

His tweets read, “So called victim daughter of IAS from Chandigarh with Vikas Barala. This story is as true as like Jasleen Kaur of Delhi & of Rohtak Sisters. Corrupt Bureaucracy is upset with Honest CM Khattar. That IAS Kundu is close to Hooda. BTW, Why no medical of Girl, was she also drunked? ”

The photo uploaded by Umrao was also posted on Facebook by one member of Vikas Barala’s family, who later deleted that post.

Website Alt News later reported that the man in the photo wasn’t Barala, the girl’s alleged tormentor.

As expected, Shaina faced a barrage of criticism on social media for her act to shame a victim of sexual harassment. Soon, she deleted her tweet and blamed the ‘hackers’ for the controversial tweet. But there weren’t many takers for her clarification.

As if to redeem herself, Shaina posted a fresh tweet in support of the victim her earlier tweet had intended to shame.

She wrote, “Modesty of a woman shd be respected.Any act of indignity agnst women is highly looked down upon. Unlike congress,our gov will ensure justice. (sic)”

The alleged stalking of the IAS officer’s daughter has become a high-profile case after the father wrote an emotional account on Facebook. Since then, several attempts were made to weaken the case. The Chandigarh Police had first slapped three non-bailable sections against Barala, but later, understandably under pressure from senior BJP leaders, had shockingly dropped those charges. This paved the way for Barala’s release from police custody without being produced before the magistrate.

A senior BJP leader, the state unit’s vice president, had lectured the girl for venturing outside her home so late in the night as if to justify the serious act of attempted sexual harassment.

The Haryana chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, too had thrown his weight behind the alleged culprit’s father.

Meanwhile, Shaina continue to remain a subject of ridicule on Twitter, where people are attacking her for blaming the hackers for what appeared to be a tweet posted by her.