Bad news for Mamata Banerjee as Kolkata Mayor’s daughter says she’s ‘deeply ashamed’ at her leader’s inaction


Amidst raging controversy over the strike by doctors in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has now faced criticism from the daughter of one of her close aides. This was after the daughter of Kolkata Mayor, Firhad Hakim, slammed Banerjee in a social media post. Shabba Hakim said that she was ‘deeply ashamed at the inaction and the silence of our leader (Mamata Banerjee).’

Mamata Banerjee
Photo: Shabba Hakim’s Facebook

Shabba, herself a doctor, wrote, “For those who do not know Doctors in government and most private hospitals are boycotting OPD but are still working in emergency. Unlike other professions we can’t just decide not to work because at the end of the day we have humanity.”

Shabb said that doctors had a right to ‘peaceful protest’ and ‘safety at work.’ She concluded her post by writing, “As a TMC supporter I am deeply ashamed at the inaction and the silence of our leader.”

The state’s Trinamool Congress-led government had directed striking doctors to return to work by 2 pm on Thursday but they refused demanding better security and action against those assailants, who had attacked a junior doctor at a government-run hospital. Addressing those who asked why aptient must suffer, Shabba wrote, “If there was a bus or taxi strike not one taxi driver or bus driver would provide you with any service no matter how dire the situation. For those saying “Ono Rugider ki dosh? (What’s the fault of patients)” Please question the government as in why the police officers posted in government hospitals do little to nothing to protect doctors? Please question them that when 2 truckload of goon showed up why wasn’t back up sent immediately? Please question why goons are still surrounding hospitals and beating up doctors?”

Banerjee’s party had suffered a huge setback in the last month’s Lok Sabha polls as the BJP managed to make serious inroads into her fiefdom by winning 18 out of 42 parliamentary seats.

Banerjee has come under mounting criticism over the ongoing strikes called by doctors also because the state’s health ministry is managed by the chief minister.