Sensational disclosure by Congress, how Ajit Doval borrowed plot from Bollywood thriller to remove Alok Verma in midnight coup


The Congress on Saturday released the chronology of event of 23 October to illustrate how National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had carried out the removal of CBI Director Alok Verma in a midnight coup. The chain of events, highlighted by the Congress, resemble a plot of a hit Bollywood thriller.

According to the Congress party, the constitutional coup was carried out by Doval at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ‘preempt’ the registration of an FIR in the alleged Rafale scam.

According to many reliable sources, Verma was had ordered the papers related to the Rafale deal and was planning to take action on the allegations made by the opposition parties. He had met former union minister, Arun Shourie and noted Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, on 9 October to discuss the issue.

Here’s how things unfolded on 23 October, as claimed by the Congress.

Midnight Intrigue, Sinister Plot & Nefarious Conspiracy by was of a collusive subterfuge between Modi Govt & Central Vigilance Commission has now been unraveled. Layers of the drama in the wee hours of midnight aimed at playing a fraud upon the Constitution and the law by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi; his Government and the CVC is out in the open.

A perusal of the scheming manipulation on the night of 23rd October, 2018 exposes the treachery with Constitution and the law played out at CBI headquarters to preempt registration of an FIR on Rafale corruption. These are:-

(i) CVC, Shri K V Chowdary was scheduled to go on a tour to Denmark on 23rd October in the evening. He abruptly cancels his tour and holds a meeting of a Central Vigilance Commission at night.
(ii) 11:00 PM: Shri M Nageshwar Rao, Joint Director, CBI was sent to CBI headquarter in anticipation of the CVC order.
(iii) 11:30 PM: Delhi Police Commissioner calls his subordinates to alert to their men for an urgent midnight operation. Rendezvous Point is given as Khan Market, New Delhi.

At 12:00 AM (at night) Delhi Police Commissioner receives instructions from NSA and briefs Delhi Police officers for taking over the CBI headquarter by Delhi Police.
(iiii) 12:30 AM (at night) – As Delhi Police attempts to take control at CBI headquarter, they are stopped by CISF. CP Delhi speaks to head of CISF, who also receives instructions from PMO/NSA to permit Delhi Police takeover of CBI. Delhi Police then takes control of CBI.
(v) 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM – CVC his two colleagues draft the order under Section 8(1) of CVC Act, 2003 for removal of Shri Alok Verma as Director, CBI by ‘divesting him of all duties’.
(vi) 12:30 AM – 1:00 AM- CVC order is taken to North Block, where Secretary Personnel, Shri C Chandramouli is waiting as per instructions of PMO.

Shri Chandramouli then rushes to PMO. Cabinet Committee on Appointments headed by Prime Minister, then, gives approval to remove Shri Alok Verma as CBI Director and appoint, Shri M Nageshwar Rao as the new CBI Director.

CVC and Additional Secretary, DoPT, Shri Lok Ranjan, then visits the CBI headquarters.

(vii) 2:30 AM – CVC, Additional Secretary, DoPT, Shri Lok Ranjan, Joint Director, Shri Nageshwar Rao come out of the CBI headquarters with files and records.
(viii) 2:30 AM – Orders are served on Shri Alok Verma.

Verma had moved the Supreme Court against his midnight ouster by the Modi government. The top court on Friday directed the CVC to complete the probe on allegations of corruption against Verma within two weeks. The court also barred Rao, the acting director, from taking any ;policy decisions until 12 November, when the apex court will hear the matter again.

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