Self-styled godman Kalki Bhagwan denies leaving India after IT officials recover Rs 64 crore cash and 90 kg gold


Self-styled godman Kalki Bhagwan on Tuesday denied reports of leaving India after the Income Tax department raided multiple premises owned by him and his son Krishna and recovered Rs 64 crore cash and 90 kg gold. The unaccounted cash recovered from Kalki Bhagwan’s premises included Rs 20 crore in US dollars.

Kalki Bhagwan

Around 300 officials from the IT department had raided properties owned by Kalki and Krishna in Chittoor, Kuppam, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad on Monday. The photos and videos of cash and gold being recovered by the IT officials had gone viral on social media.

Kalki said in a video message that he had not fled India. He said, “First of all we have not fled the country nor have we gone anywhere. We are here itself and wish to inform our devotees that we are in very good health. Neither the government nor the I-T Department has said that we have left the country, but it is the media that is saying we have fled the country.”

According to the Hindustan Times, the IT officials have also gathered the evidence for unaccounted cash receipts for Rs 409 crore. The documents seized from the raids also include undisclosed HDFC bank account credits to the tune of Rs 115 crore and unreconciled bogus share capital for Rs 61 crore.

Officials have also unearthed evidence of Kalki’s undisclosed investments in tax havens like the British Virgin Islands, Dubai and Africa. According to News18 website, there is also evidence of nearly 4,000 acres of land and benami properties.

Originally known as Vijay Kumar, Kalki declared himself a godman after starting his career as a clerk in the government-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India. 70-year-old controversial godman also faces charges of encroaching government land in Bengaluru.