Sara Ali Khan makes shocking revelations on stalking hot models on Instagram, Twitter with fake accounts


Sara Ali Khan, whose debut film Kedarnath is about to hit theatres in a few days time, has made a shocking revelation on stalking people on Instagram and Twitter with fake accounts. She made the revelation while speaking to Anupama Chopra during an interview.

When Anupama sought to confirm if indeed Sara was not on Twitter, she replied, “I am on a false name, but I will come on Twitter very soon.” This prompted Anupama to ask if Sara was stalking people on social media platforms, the star daughter replied in affirmation, “Of  course, what do you mean? I am a normal person. I have a fake Instagram account also, where I ‘like’ things.”

Sara went on to add, “You can’t be ‘liking’ random things and people. People take screenshots of what you’ve liked or not sometimes and you don’t always want people to know.”

Anupama pressed her into revealing the kind of social media posts she liked with her fake accounts. Sara, who was beginning to blush by now, said, “Some hot models you know. You don’t want everyone to know that you’ve liked them.”

Sara, who recently made her Instagram debut, said that she used her official handle to promote her films such as Kedarnath while she used the fake handles to engage in activities that would make news headlines if public became aware of them.

On Thursday, Sara had posted the latest song of Kedarnath on Instagram.

Sara had recently spoken out openly about the nepotism in Bollywood, admitting that she was a beneficiary of that and she could not run away from that fact. She had said, “This is becoming a conversation back home more than it was before. this word nepotism that people talk about. I don’t think I can run away from that. And I think it will be wrong and even hypocritical of me to say that it (nepotism) doesn’t exist.”