Salman Khan’s firm advice to warmongers: Go and fight first, you will tremble in fear


Bollywood megastar, Salman Khan, has slammed those advocating war advising them to go to the border and fight first.

Speaking to reporters while promoting his next release, Tubelight, Salman said, “Those who order wars should be sent to the forefront and be told that you fight first. Their hands and feet will tremble. The war will be over in a day. Then they will sit across the table and talk.”

He added, “Whenever there is war, people die on both sides of the border.”

His brother Sohail said that war had no positive outcomes and it only caused destruction.

He said, “Whoever you ask either side of the border, they will tell you that the war is bad. And yet it happens.”

His comments visibly angered the usual suspects in the India media with channels known for being BJP supporters slamming the actor for his ‘anti-national’ remarks even though the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor did not name Pakistan.

In September, Salman had criticised the ban by Indian Motion Picture Producers Association on Pakistani artists in Bollywood post Uri attack.

He had said, “Pakistani artistes are just artistes and not terrorists. Terrorism and art are two different subjects. They come with proper visa and the government gives them a work permit.”

He had added, “Ideal situation should have been that of peace. But, now a reaction to an action has happened. It was a proper action as they were terrorists. But still in this day and age, I think if we lived in peace an harmony it would have been better for everyone and especially for common people.”

Late Om Puri, who has a small role in Tubelight, too had spoken strongly in favour of Pakistani artists working in India.

He had said, “When the government is taking an action, we all should stay quiet. It hardly matters if we send back the artistes from Pakistan, who are working here, or let them stay. I have been to Pakistan six times and have met people from all strata.”

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