Modi justifies frequent changes in demonetisation rules


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday justified the frequent changes in the rules of demonetisation saying that they were done to reduce people’s problems.

In his last monthly radio address, Mann Ki Baat, Modi vowed to carry forward what he termed was his war against corruption and black money post—demonetisation, adding that the government will soon operationalise a strong law to effectively deal with ‘benami’ properties.

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Modi sought the cooperation of public in making the “war on corruption” a success and said that the wrongdoings of some are being caught only with the support of common people who are coming forward with concrete information about hoarders.

“I assure you that this is not the end. This is just the beginning in our fight against corruption. We have to win this war against corruption and black money. There is no question of stopping or going back in this fight,” he was quoted  by PTI.

The prime minister also lamented the logjam in Parliament that evoked displeasure from the President and the Vice President besides all—round public indignation and ire, saying he wanted a good discussion on this campaign as well as on political funding, had both Houses run properly.

Modi himself had come under severe criticism for not attending the parliament even when he was present in the city and not travelling around the world.

He also added that some people who are spreading rumours that political parties enjoy all concessions and exemptions “ were wrong and all are equal before law” and they have to abide by it.

“It was my earnest wish that the ongoing campaign against corruption and black money, including the realm of political parties and political funding, be discussed extensively in the Parliament. Had the House functioned properly, there would have been comprehensive deliberation.

“Some people are spreading rumours that political parties enjoy all kinds of concessions. These people are absolutely in the wrong. The law applies equally to all. Whether it is an individual, an organisation or a political party, everyone has to abide by law and one will have to,” he said, adding that people who cannot endorse corruption and black money openly resort to searching for faults of the government relentlessly.

However, quite contrary to Modi’s claims, his own revenue secretary, Hasmukh Adhia, had on 17 December, said that the central government was not tinkering with the tax exemption available to political parties and they were free to deposit old 500 and 1000 rupee notes in their bank accounts. A facility that the Modi government had withdrawn for common public.