RSS may not harm Islam but will certainly destroy Hinduism: Ashok Vajpeyi


The RSS may not harm Islam in India, but it will certainly destroy Hinduism, Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi said on Thursday.

“Mahatma Gandhi had once said that all religions are true, but they are not perfect. Through this he is saying that each religion can learn from another religion. A nation which is called so diverse which has millions of gods and over 700 languages.

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“Now they are saying that you are a traitor. So if I am a traitor let me say something. At present in India, I don’t know how Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) will harm Islam, but it will certainly destroy Hinduism,” he said, delivering a public lecture on the occasion of the Constitution Day at the Gandhi Peace Foundation here.

A vociferous critic of the policies of the Narendra Modi-led central government, Vajpeyi has been under attack by the Sangh parivar for returning his Sahitya Akademi award to protest rising intolerance in the country.

Referring to the recent controversy over the statements made by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, he said: “There is a difference between the nation and its government. The nation is larger than the government. Protesting against the government doesn’t mean one is protesting against the nation.”

Intellectuals and activists were present at the gathering to mark 66 years since the country’s constitution was adopted, and the present socio-economic political situation, democracy, existing inequalities and right to equality and justice were among the issues taken up. The event was organised by Jan Awaaz, a citizen’s platform created to highlight public concerns.

Among others who spoke were Supreme Court lawyer Indira Jaising, activists Usha Ramanathan and Nikhil Dey and Delhi High Court’s former chief justice Rajinder Sachar.


  1. We are dodging from the “BASIC” question.
    What has been done to make those ‘bad-news’ (that rouse FEAR) in Newspapers less ‘fearful’? Why are those ‘bad-news’ there in Newspaper at the very first place. If they were always there then why are they ‘increasing’ and becoming more ‘fearful’. –.Yes they are.– Public-servants who should work harder
    to reduce that ‘fear’ are the very reason that this “fear’ is there …. and INCREASING. In 2014 People defeated a monster named “CORRUPTION”. Now we realise that we have made another monster named “COMMUNALISM” even stronger. just 10-20 months back you could call Congress CORRUPT in open
    daylight and not fear for your life. Today even if you made fun of Modi , your life could be in danger..or atleast your life will become hell…. AND dont even get me started on PK —- even before PK there was another film of Paresh Rawal called OMyGOD. I dont understand howcome a film in which an avatar
    of Lord KRISHNA (played by AkshayKumar) comes and teaches the message of holy “GITA” be ‘anti-hindu’ ??? If we dont speak up now it will happen – AGAIN…Yes be assured about that. Why should Aamir worry about Syria,Pakistan. He is not Pakistani. He is worried that his beloved nation doesn’t become Pak. Religion ISLAM was #Hijacked because alarm was raised too late. Rational Muslims voice was too low. I am a HINDU. and i ‘fear’ of my religion being #Hijacked by certain zealots/radicals proud to be “kattad-HINDU” extremists. No i wont leave/change my religion but will shout at the top of my Voice.

  2. Dr Sunil Yadav’s questions which will make everyone speechless! ————————————————– These questions are worth a deep ponder: 1. Why are all the Hindu gods and goddesses born only in India? And why the people outside India don’t know any of them? 2. Why do all the Hindu gods and goddesses ride carriers which are Indian animals? Why not some animals found only in a few countries such as Kangaroos, Giraffe and so on? 3. Why did all the gods and goddesses born only in royal families? Why none of them was born in poor families or in lower castes? 4. The mythological stories mention details of daily activity of the gods and goddesses as to when did Parvati bathe with sandal dust? when did she make LADDUs for Ganesha, how did Ganesha relish the LADDUs and so on. But as soon as the SCRIPT of the scriptures ends, so do the narratives of the activities of the gods and goddesses. Did all the gods die after that? Where are they now and what are they doing? 5. The scriptures tell us stories of gods and goddesses frequently visiting the earth. They would sometimes give boons to somebody and sometimes kill a sinner. But what has gone wrong now, that they no longer visit the earth? 6. In the mythology, whenever a evil spreads all around, god would take birth in a king’s family and grow there for about 30-35 years and then kill the evildoer. When god himself has to kill the evil, why does he wait for 30-35 years? Why doesn’t he rather instantly kill them like he killed his own devotees in Uttar Khand? 7. If Hindu religion is such an ancient one, why isn’t there much propaganda for it all over the world? Why the other religions like Islam and Christianity have so much acceptability? How could they win more followers than Hindu religion, if it’s ancient? Why were the Hindu gods and goddesses unable to stop them? 8. If polygamy is inappropriate as per Hinduism, then why did Dasharath, the father of Rama, marry three women? 9. If Shiva was able to chop off his son Ganesha’s head, what sort of a god does it make him, that he was unable to patch the same head back in place? Why should an innocent elephant be killed and it’s head be placed on Ganesha’s body? How did an elephant’s head fit on a human body? 10. If non veg food is prohibited by Hinduism, why did Rama go out to hunt the golden deer? Isn’t it wrong to kill a deer? 11. If Rama is god, how come he didn’t know that the nectar pot is hidden in Ravana’s tummy? If Ravana’s insider didn’t divulge the secret to Rama, he would have never won the war against Ravana! Is this how you expect god to be? 12. You believe Krishna is god too. But how does it befit god to peep at bathing Gopikas? If a common man does such things in this era, don’t we call him a loose charactered man? How can you call Krishna a god? 13. Why are the perpetrators of rape so high among Hindus? 14. Why do Hindus worship Shiva’s penis? Why other parts are not worth worshipping? 15. Hindu temples of Khujaraho’s walls are adorned with erotic sculptures. Why is such place called a holy temple? Is sex considered as a holy activity worth worshipping?

    • All religions have similar illogical things which will go against common sense. But if you question it, religious people will counter you by saying whatever written in scriptures are not questionable because they are written by god and you are being blasphemous. Religion is like drinking whisky. If you are drunk you will not understand logic and in high amounts you are mad and will even start killing others.

    • Mythological stories can not be understood so easily in order to accept or reject it. But, its true that Hinduism or the Sanatana Dharma is the most ancient religion of the world and modern day science validates it to a great extent. My point is that it is most scientific religion of the world. My recent studies suggest so. Sanskrit is the most ancient language in which our Vedas and Upanishads have been written and no one knows who wrote them. But these scriptures have now become sources of research. The contention that Hinduism is confined to India is only partly true. As you know Hindus are mostly peace loving people and never liked to conquer other’s territories. Christianity and Islam spread to other parts from their place of origin due to conquests and more precisely to say with the use of force rather than change of heart. The following link provides some details about it-

  3. RSS is a terror organisation by sure with all cases which are Masjid blast in Hyderabad and some another major blasts..Minor Hindus think that RSS is group is protecting Hinduism.But sadly the are making terror to another communities. Hinduism is a religion from Ages.When Mughals Rulers rule India..its been there it was not vanished How come it will vanish now.Anyway few Muslims thought ISIS are fighting for Islam But they are not Now Muslims are suffering because of ISIS.Its similar with RSS you need to act before its get late.I think in every religion there are this type of people.India is a safe country till now and i want India should take necessary steps to protect every citizen before it gets late.

  4. It’s absolutely foolishness on the part of Mr Shabbir Ahmed Bijli. All oldest religions have Idol worship. Please look into history. Christianity and Islam are popular, because it was state sponsored. Even with this onslaught, Hinduism is the only Religion amongst few religions which has survived, because of the strength of its philosophy and acceptability dynamics. If you go back to before 500 AD, the whole of India was covered by Hinduism, same the case will be as far your forefathers are concerned. Do please dont discount any Religion. Most of the Religions are changing with times except Islam, because it’s still adhering to old dogmas. Please mention one Country which has majority of Muslims, but still their state religion is not Islam. I am a proud India, please be proud of same, rather than talking about other Religion.
    Coming to the present case of RSS, day in and day out when you are surrounded by Islamic Terrorism, it’s quite natural for some belonging to some organisations to show extreme rightist initiatives. But you cannot discount the whole organisation. I do agree that any person and organizations opening propagating religious persecution and religious discrimination should be condemned.


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