Rahul Gandhi meets Lalu Prasad Yadav at AIIMS, hospital then decides to shift RJD chief to Ranchi


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday visited AIIMS in New Delhi to meet the RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. According to media reports, Gandhi spent more than 30 minutes with Yadav at AIIMS and inquired about his health.

Photo: Via @sanjuydv on Twitter

Moments later, the news emerged that the hospital authorities had decided to shift Yadav back to Ranchi, from where he was brought to AIIMS in light of acute medical condition.

While Yadav and his son Tejshwi alleged conspiracy, the AIIMS issued a statement saying that the veteran politician’s condition had improved significantly. Its statement said, “Lalu Prasad Yadav was referred to AIIMS for management of his acute medical condition. He has improved significantly and is being referred back to Ranchi Medical College for management of his chronic issues.

However, the move didn’t go down well with Yadav and his family. Speaking to reporters following his discharge, Yadav claimed that it was a “political vendetta” adding that his life was under threat.

Yadav alleged a conspiracy behind the move to shift him from AIIMS to the Ranchi Medical College in Jharkhand. In a letter to the AIIMS director, the former Bihar chief minister said that he was still suffering from ailments and needed medical care at the premier institute.

“I don’t want to be shifted back to the Ranchi hospital, as that hospital is not properly equipped to treat my ailments,” he said.

Yadav added , “I have been told that the process is underway to discharge me from the AIIMS. I was sent from the Ranchi Medical College and Hospital to AIIMS for better treatment. I have still not been fully cured.”

“I wish to apprise you that I am still suffering from heart disease, kidney infection, diabetes and many other ailments. I also have back pain and fainted a number of times. In fact, I fell in the bathroom several times.

“My blood pressure and sugar levels also register a spike frequently. I am being treated for all these ailments here,” Lalu wrote further, adding there was no proper medical facility available at the Birsa Munda Jail in Ranchi or the Ranchi Medical Institute for his kidney ailment.

Saying proper medical care was his fundamental right, Lalu alleged that pressure from an agency or a political party could be the reason behind the move to shift him from the AIIMS to Ranchi suddenly. He further said it takes 16 hours on train to travel from Delhi to Ranchi, Times Now quoted.

Yadav signed off by saying that if his life faces any danger while being shifted to Ranchi from AIIMS, then the responsibility will lie with “you all”.

Meanwhile, Tejashwi said, “AIIMS is much better and I wonder why this decision has been taken. Only AIIMS authorities can reveal the reason behind the sudden transfer of Laluji.”


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