Republic TV condemned for staff’s ‘disgusting’ behaviour towards father of murdered Class 2 student


Republic TV has faced many condemnations ever since it was launched by former journalist Arnab Goswami in partnership with the NDA MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar and the known BJP supporter, Mohandas Pai.

One of the charges that channel has repeatedly faced is its blatant biases against the opposition parties with many accusing Republic TV of being the first ‘news’ channel in the world, whose editorial ethos prevent it from criticising the governing party- BJP in this case.

But, now the channel is facing growing condemnation after one of its staff misbehaved with the father of Class 2 child, who was recently murdered at Ryan International School.

On Monday, Varun Thakur was scheduled to give live interviews to Times Now and Republic TV. According to Times Now channel sources, Thakur had agreed to join the channel first, but that was unacceptable to the guest coordination girl from the Republic TV.

In the video, an enraged Republic TV girl aggressively moves to Thakur, a grieving father, and attempts to snatch the lapel mic of Times Now since Arnab Goswami’s channel reportedly wanted to be the first to interview him. This resulted in an ugly scene as the staff from Times Now, Goswami’s former channel, stopped the Republic’s representative from disrupting their interview.

“The entire ugly scene went on live as we had already gone on air with Mr Thakur’s interview,” a Times Now staff told Janta Ka Reporter.

The video has evoked angry reactions from social media users, who felt that Republic TV’s action was in poor taste.

Here are some of the reactions;