Reliance Jio’s price hike comes into effect, read how they affect you


Starting tonight, Reliance Jio customers will have to pay 15% more for its popular 84-day plan at Rs 459 with company offering 1GB 4G data per day for 84 days. This will effectively replace the earlier Rs 399 plan, which will now offer customers with 1GB data per day and other freebies, but with validity of 70 days.

Customers with Rs 149 plan will get 4GB of data for each billing cycle of 28 days under the new “Diwali Dhamaka” scheme compared to 2GB being offered at present, reported PTI.

Reliance Jio has also made several other changes. For example, the annual pack of Rs 4,999 will get you just 350 GB data as opposed to 380 GB customers received under the same plan in the past. Under the new scheme, the validity of plan priced at Rs 4,999 will be for a year instead of 210 days under the previous scheme.

Reliance Jio has also reduced the recharge tariff for lower denomination and short-term plans besides offering data benefits under the schemes. Reliance Jio has introduced a plan for Rs 52 with one-week validity and for Rs 98 with 2 weeks that will offer its customers free voice, SMS, unlimited data (0.15 GB daily), as per its website.

All plans of Reliance Jio will continue to offer unlimited voice calls even during roaming.

The Rs 459 plan will offer Reliance Jio customers unlimited services at 1GB high speed data per day for 84 days for prepaid users followed by data at curtailed speed, along with unlimited voice calling and access to Reliance Jio apps.

The company has also reduced benefits under the Rs 509 scheme, which offers 2GB of data per day, by reducing its validity or billing cycle from 56 days to 49. Accordingly, data at high speed gets reduced to 98 GB from 112 GB under previous scheme. Under this plan, data cost will be Rs 5.2 per GB.

The Rs 999 plan which offered 90 GB of 4G data without cut in download speed will now offer 60 GB at high speed data for 3 months.

Reliance Jio has introduced Rs 1,999 plan which will have six months validity and offer 125 GB data at unrestricted high speed.