Rape Accused passes DNA Test six months ago, still in Jail, goes on an indefinite Hunger Strike


A schoolteacher in Navi Mumbai, had been accused of raping and impregnating a 13-year-old girl last December. He has been lodged in Thane Central jail since then.

A DNA test carried out on the allegedly accused had tested as “Negative” six months ago. The test was done to match his genetic similarity with the remains of the foetus that was preserved from the time the girl underwent an abortion after the rape.

The school teacher has started a hunger strike since a week ago to reclaim the lost honour for him and his family.

Wife of the allegedly accused expressed her concern, ““We are not allowed to meet him inside the jail. I came to know from officials and lawyer that his condition is really getting worse but still we will continue with the strike to get justice for him, and my family.

He has been suffering unnecessarily for a crime he has not done. His DNA test report came out negative six months ago and we tried hard to get bail but we are still not getting it.”

While the Officials stated that his health has been deteriorating, Thane jail superintendent D. Waychad said, “It is illegal to do hunger strike. We are doing our best to change his mind, on regular basis. He has been shifted to a special jail room.

Regular check-ups by a doctor are been done and he was given glucose yesterday because his condition was bad.”

A sessions court judge visited Thane jail on Friday to meet the accused and assured him that his case would be taken up soon. However, the school teacher continues to be on strike until his case meets fair ends of justice.



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