Ramdev ridicules doctors, vaccines in new video, his ‘educated’ disciples can’t stop laughing on yoga mats


Self-proclaimed yoga guru Ramdev has once again found himself in a spot of bother after a new video showed him ridiculing corona warrior doctors and vaccines. Another cringe-worthy aspect of Ramdev’s new video was how his disciples, supposedly educated men and women, laughed on their yoga mats as the controversial godman mocked doctors.

In the viral video, Ramdev could be seen launching a tirade against frontline doctors and making fun of corona vaccines. He said, “They want to become doctor, tor, tor, tor, tor. (laughs). 1,000 doctors have died even after getting the double dose of corona vaccines. What kind of doctors are they if they could not save themselves?’

Ramdev did not stop here as he continued, “If you want to become a doctor, then be like Swami Ramdev, who doesn’t hold any degree but is everyone’s doctor. Without any degree, with divinity and dignity, I am a doctor.”

Ramdev’s disciples, who were listening to the controversial godman’s tirade against doctors, were seen luaghing at his jokes even at the expense of those having sacrificed their lives in frontline duty.

The Indian Medical Association had recently served a legal notice to Ramdev after making fun of allopathy medicine. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, who had earlier promoted Ramdev’s ‘coronil’ product, was forced to issue a public statement in a bid to publicly admonish Ramdev.

Faced with public backlash, Patanjali had issued a statement saying that Ramdev’s statement was taken out of context. According to Patanjali, Ramdev harboured ‘no ill-will against modern science and good practitioners of modern medicine.’