Ramdev loses cool when asked about lavish lifestyle and tax evasion


Founder of Patanjali, Ramdev, recently lost his cool when faced with questions on his lavish lifestyle and tax evasion.


Ramdev was being interviewed by three journalists from Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak, when one of them decided to take on the founder of Patanjali. The journalist asked how he would justify his claims on swadeshi when he himself was travelling in big cars and chartered plane and whose ads were running on every news channel in India and how he had amassed so much wealth that he needed to create a trust to hide tax.

This irked the controversial and self-proclaimed baba, who said, “Look, you can’t accuse me of such grave corruptions. I will not tolerate if you accuse me of tax evasion. I don’t travel in big cars or chartered plane. I am not ayyashi( one who indulges in debauchery) baba. Being a reporter, you can’t speak like a politician.”

Ramdev, a known supporter of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was instrumental in campaigning for the saffron party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Many believe that he had extended his support to Anna Hazare in the latter’s anti-corruption movement allegedly at the behest of the RSS to ensure the Congress-led UPA was voted out of power. Hazare too has been accused of being an RSS plant in the so-called fight against corruption in India.

Ramdev was often seen launching attacks against the Manmohan Singh government on the charges of corruption. However, almost every corruption issue raised by Ramdev has turned out to be untrue. One such example is how a court in India recently acquitted all accused in 2G scam.

Ramdev, who projected himself as a champion for anti-corruption crusade during the Congress regime has mysteriously lost his voice on the issue of graft during the Narendra Modi government. He has chosen not to comment on the Janta Ka Reporter’s sensational Rafale expose or crony capitalism in Gujarat involving a close acquaintance of BJP President Amit Shah.

His credibility as a neutral spiritual guru has taken a considerable dent in the last four years as he came out in the open with his real motive i.e. to fly the flag for Hindutva politics in India.