Ramdev faces angry protests in Rajasthan, video goes viral


Founder of Patanjali and self-styled baba Ramdev, faced angry protests in Jodhpur in Rajasthan earlier this week. The video of angry protesters shouting slogans against him has gone viral on social media platform.

In the video, Ramdev is seen emerging out of the Jodhpur airport, where he had visited on Monday. After he arrived at the airport, the controversial self-styled Yoga guru spoke to reporters.

It’s not clear if the protests took place after his interaction with the media or before. However, in the video, it’s clear that Ramdev was forced to return into the building after not being allowed to speak to people.

As expected, he felt that the Centre’s Narendra Modi government was doing a great job and Islam as an ideology was quite destructive. Ramdev, who supported and campaigned for the BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, blamed the common public for Modi government’s policies to not produce desired results.

When asked to comment on Rohingyas, he blamed the Islamic ideology for the current malaise. (WATCH Below). More than 4 lakh Rohingyas have escaped the prosecution carried out by Buddhist terrorists and Burmese Army enjoying the blessings of the disgraced Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar. More than 400 of them have been killed brutally while hundreds of villages, where Rohingyas lived, have been burnt.

The United Nations have termed the persecution of Rohingyas as the worst in the world.

Ramdev’s comments assume significance in light of the central government’s determination to deport 40,000 refugees currently staying in India. The Supreme Court is currently hearing the matter. The Modi government has astonishingly alleged that Rohingyas in India had links to Pakistan and terrorist groups. However, police even from the states governed by BJP, have contradicted the government’s claims saying there was not a single FIR against any Rohingya refugees living in India.