Rajdeep Sardesai quits Twitter after somebody hacks his account to send abusive messages


Senior journalisr Rajdeep Sardesai has quit twitter after his account was hacked by unknown people, who then reportedly sent abusive messages to others.


The India Today anchor is believed to have written to Twitter asking it to investigate the matter.

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Journalist Swati Chaturvedi blamed the right-wing trolls for pushing Rajdeep to take a break from microblogging site.

She wrote, “Dear Narendra Modi, why are you party to this organised calumny? Which other leader in the world follows abusers?”

Senior journalist and former colleague of Rajdeep, Nikhil Waghle, too attacked Modi for the harassment caused to the former.

Nikhil wrote, “Abuse n attacks against journalists of repute is planned strategy of n his fascists team.Once independent media is finished…”

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta urged him to return to the social media.

His tweet read, “Come back @sardesairajdeep Abuse never killed anyone. Many abusive ones greet you here & there, ask for selfies. Why take them so seriously.”

Rajdeep has also received huge support from non-BJP politicians.

Congress leader, Salman Soz, tweeted, “Disturbed to find trolls have hounded Rajdeep Sardesai from Twitter. I hope he returns. Quitting sends the wrong message, emboldens trolls.”

This episode has come after BJP supporters posted despicable tweets poking fun at the death of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s daughter.

PM Modi has often been accused of following the organised group of twitter trolls.


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