Raj Thackeray lashes out at Yogi Adityanath for comments on migrant workers; UP CM faces flak from Shiv Sena and Congress too


Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray has lashed out at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his comments that state governments will have to obtain permission from his government for engaging workers from UP. Adityanath’s comments left Thackeray irked as he issued a terse statement slamming the Uttar Pradesh chief minister. The MNS chief that migrant workers seeking to work in Maharashtra needed to obtain the state government’s permission and not the other way around.

Raj Thackeray

Thackeray said in his statement, “The CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, has stated that if the services of the workers of UP are required, then a prior permission of the UP government is essential. If such is the case, then any migrant entering Maharashtra too, would need to take permission from us, from Maharashtra state, our police force. Shri Adityanath needs to take cognisance of this.”

Thackeray also urged the Maharashtra government headed by his cousin Uddhav Ta=hackewray ‘to take such things seriously.’ He added, “Any worker coming here to work should get duly registered with the government as well as local police. These workers should submit their documents and photographs as well.”

Thackeray also tweeted, “Also, the migrant workers from UP will have voting rights only in UP. As per rules laid down, a voter can only vote from one place and cannot exercise their voting rights in two places. This fact needs to be realised by CM Adityanath, by Maharashtra and other states too.”

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut disagreed with Adityanath on the allegations of ill-treatment of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh. He said, “We accepted them and let them work here. We have taken care of these people not just in the last one-and a-half months…they have been working here for years. We all were living together in harmony.”

Congress leader Sachin Sawant too targeted Adityanath for his statement as he tweeted, “Migrant workers are human first and also citizens of this country. Nobody needs to take permission for working anywhere in this country. @myogiadityanath has been the most incompetent & heartless CM in the country & is proving to be the enemy of people from his own state.”