Rahul Gandhi’s plane has ‘500 meter free fall’ in Karnataka, Congress alleges sabotage


Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s plane on Thursday developed unexplained technical snag as he travelled from Delhi to Hubli in Karnataka. According to the National Herald website, the official media outlet of the Congress, Gandhi’s plane had ‘500 meter free fall’ as the altitude dipped steeply for unexplained reasons.

Gandhi’s close aide, Kaushal Vidyarthee, lodged an official complaint with the Director General of Police in Karnataka alleging foul play behind the technical snag of the plane carrying Gandhi.

According to reports, the plane’s altitude began to dip alarmingly around two third of its journey.  Vidyarthee wrote, “I, the undersigned, was travelling in Special Flight (VT-AVH) from New Delhi to Hubli, Karnataka along with four others including Shri Rahul Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress Party….At around 10.45 am, the aircraft suddenly tilted heavily on the left side and the altitude dipped steeply, combined  with violent shuddering of the aircraft body. It is to be stated that the weather outside was sunny, normal and not windy as per the observation of the passengers and as per the forecast for the day.”

He also alleged that the ‘whole flight experience left the passengers with a lot of anxiety and distress and positively fearing for their lives’

“Serious questions related to intentional tampering with the aircraft cannot be brushed aside and are required to be addressed and investigated,” Vidyarthee’s complaint alleged. His complaint did not mention the ‘free fall of 500 meter’ as reported by the National Herald.

Karnataka goes to polls on 12 May while the counting will take place on 15 May. It is one of the few big states, where the Congress still has government. The BJP is desperately seeking to wrest power in this key south Indian state. Several opinion polls have given lead, albeit marginal, to the Congress party.