Rahul Gandhi turns emotional PM Modi’s attack on mother Sonia Gandhi’s Italian root


Congress President Rahul Gandhi wrapped up his campaign in Karnataka on Thursday with a news conference in the state capital, where he turned emotional while responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on her mother Sonia Gandhi’s Italian root.

Speaking to media on the last day of the campaign for Karnataka assembly polls, Rahul said, “My mother is Italian. My mother has also lived larger part of her life in India. She is more Indian than many, many people I see. My mother has sacrificed for this country, my mother has suffered for this country. And it shows the quality of the prime minister when he makes such comments.

Modi, while officially launching his campaign in Karnataka on 1 May, Modi had dared Gandhi to speak for 15 minutes without referring to a paper and list out the party’s achievements in Karnataka. Rahul Gandhi can speak in any language as he pleases, including his mother tongue, Modi had said.

“For 15 minutes, without taking a paper in your hand, can you please talk about the achievements of your government in Karnataka?” Modi had said, addressing an election rally in Chamarajanagar district.

In a tweet earlier this week, the Karnataka BJP had repeated the same jibe against Sonia Gandhi.

Meanwhile, the BJP alleged that Rahul’s Thursday’s press conference was tutored. “It almost looks like a tutored press conference because many media persons were not even allowed to ask questions. Whenever a question was put… an effort was made to paraphrase it. This was a press conference more focussed on China and Pakistan, without responding to the local issues about which the corrupt Siddaramaiah government has no answer to offer,” Union Minister Piyush Goyal was quoted as saying.

Karnataka goes to polls on 12 May, while the counting will take place on 15 May.