Determined Rahul Gandhi launches fresh attack on Modi govt in Rafale deal, this time targets Arun ‘Jetlie’


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday launched yet another attack on the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for its refusal to divulge details surrounding the questionable Rafale deal.

The controversy surrounding Rafale deal has become a dominating topic of the Indian political discourse after Janta Ka Reporter exclusively published a two-part series exposing how PM Modi had helped his billionaire friend at the cost hundreds of thousands of crores of Indian taxpayers’ money.

On Friday, Gandhi addressed the Indian finance minister as ‘Mr Jaitlie’ to remind how the UPA government led by the Congress shown transparency in its original deal on the purchase of Rafale.

He posted screenshots of several ‘parliamentary replies’ on the prices of several defence purchases made during the UPA government. He wrote, “You said the UPA never released prices of Defence purchases? To nail your lie, here are 3 Parliamentary replies by the UPA with full transparency on pricing. Now do ask our Raksha Mantri to tell India how much each RAFALE jet cost.” He ended his tweet with a hashtag .

Gandhi on Wednesday had slammed the prime minister for his silence on the ‘Rafale scam’ during the latter’s rare speech in the parliament. He had told reporters, “He told reporters, “We’ve raised this on many occasions. Some irregularities have taken place in the Rafale deal. He (Modi) spoke for one hours (in the parliament) today, but he did not speak about the Rafale deal at all. He delivered a political speech, a campaign speech, but on the issues faced by the nation including the topic of unemployment, he did not talk. Prime Minister is talking about honey bees and bamboos. Has there been corruption in the Rafale deal or not? Did you change the contract in Paris or not? Did you ask the Cabinet Committee on Security? Yes or Not? And what price did you agree for each Rafale jet?”

While replying to Congress MP Rajeev Gowda’s question, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had sensationally refused to share the pricing of Rafale jets saying that this could not be shared since both India and France were signatories to a pact that stopped India from disclosing details on the jets.

Rafale expose was first broken by Janta Ka Reporter in its two-part series that highlighted the blatant instances of crony capitalism by the Narendra Modi government. Our expose ((Read part 1 and two of that expose here) had established how the government had agreed to pay nearly three times the prices agreed by the UPA government to France in order to help a billionaire friend of the prime minister.

In another report by Janta Ka Reporter on Tuesday, it was highlighted how Sitharaman may have misled the parliament by citing an imaginary security deal that never existed.