‘Propagandist’ Paresh Rawal spreads lies about martyred Major, falls in own trap


Actor Paresh Rawal on Sunday fell in his own trap while attempting to spread lies on the fallout of the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore.

Visibly upset over Lankesh being given 21 gun salute by the Karnataka’s Congress government, Rawal, now a BJP MP, complained that a martyred Major, Sandip Unnikrishnan, was not given 21 gun salute after his death even though he was cremated in Karnataka. Although, Rawal felt that the fallen hero of 26/11 was from Karnataka.

Rawal wrote, “Maj Sandip Unnikrishnan who martyred in Mumbai Taj attack was from Banglore, was not given 21 gun salute by the state !”

Rawal posted the above tweet understandably to attack the Congress government’s alleged hypocrisy. In his own wisdom, he may have assumed that by giving 21 gun salute to a slain journalist and not doing the same to a martyr, the Karnataka’s Congress government had acted in a hypocritical manner.

But, little did he realise that his own party, the BJP, was in government in Kanrataka during the time of Major Unnikrishnan’s death and the fallen hero of 26/11 operation was indeed accorded 21 gun salute honour.

A report by The Telegraph on 29 November 2008 said, “The 31-year-old National Security Guard officer, who sacrificed his life fighting terrorists at the Taj yesterday, was cremated at a crowded Hebbal electric crematorium after a 21-gun salute.”

Rawal’s tweet came across mischievous whichever way you looked at it. As expected, he was faced instant social media roasting on Twitter with users calling him ‘liar’ and ‘propagandist’ to create tension in society.

Far from being embarrassed for his mischief, Rawal posted another tweet saying that the use of ‘not’ in his previous tweet was accidental and he was only trying to be sarcastic.

He wrote, “Sorry the Word NOT was written by mistake in Maj Sandip’s tweet . So pardon the mistake n get the sarcasm !”

We didn’t quite understand the sarcasm in your tweet Mr Rawal. Also, what sarcasm could you expect us to get in a soldier’s martyrdom given that we continuously get lessons on patriotism from you and your party.

Rawal is not alone in spreading dangerous lies about Karnataka government keeping the next year’s elections in mind. Another little known BJP troll too posted the same lies, which were shared by their supporters hundreds of times.

As for the lies of the above BJP troll about Lt Colonel Niranjan, who died while defusing a grenade during Pathankot terror attack, PTI reported on 5 January 2016 that the 32-year-old bomb expert with the National Security Guard was accorded full military honours, including gun salute as Army personnel sounded the bugle.