Priyanka Chopra’s new bold outfit is being termed as maternity dress by users on Instagram


Priyanka Chopra’s outfit has often been a topic of discussion on social media ever since the Quantico made a successful transition from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Priyanka has been busy promoting the third series of Quantico, where she plays the character of Alex Parrish. As part of the promotion, she appeared on the TV show, Late Night with Seth Meyers couple of days ago. However, it wasn’t what she had to say about her TV series that made internet users go crazy. What’s dominated the conversations on internet is her sexy powder blue cut out blazer and skirt.

No sooner did Priyanka post the photos of her new outfit, with cut outs being strategically placed over her breasts, her fans went crazy on Instagram. While most fans felt that Priyanka had taken the fashion to a new level with her Dion Lee blazer, understandably suggested by her stylist Mimi Cuttrell, a sizeable number of fans were quick to denounce her outfit calling it ‘vulgar’ and ‘inappropriate.’ Some even mocked her for wearing a ‘maternity’ dress as if she ‘ready to breastfeed.’

One user asked, “That’s a good maternity dress design! Ready to breastfeed?” Another concluded, “Indian culture ki waat lGa di. aise kapde pahankR……shRm kRo priyanka. (You’ve badly hurt the Indian culture by wearing such dress. Have some shame Priyanka.”

However, there were plenty of support for her dress as many fans decided to take on her critics on social media. “Is this dress looking vulgar ? I don’t know, but it’s a dressing style of @priyankachopra it’s designed for her only,” wrote a fan. Another Priyanka fan wrote, “What will u understand about ”fashion”… when no international media and style critics had problem with her outfit … who are you.”

Priyanka had worn matching blue Christian Louboutin skirt with her blazer. She posted the following photo as part of her Instagram story.

The Baywatch actor then followed this up with another photo in the same outfit where she was seen taking a quick nap. Given that she has been travelling a lot, one could imagine that she may have been jet-lagged.


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Her other photos of TV appearance too were splashed on social media platforms. This is not the first time Priyanka has faced trolling because of her outfit. Not so long ago, the right-wing brigade went berserk after she posted a photo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The actor has been known for her humanitarian work across the world. Despite her busy schedules and frequent travel between India and the USA, Priyanka has been actively involved in carrying out several humanitarian works across the globe.