Did Praveen Swami leave Indian Express because of Kulbhushan Jadhav story?


Senior journalist Praveen Swami has left the Indian Express prompting all kinds of speculations within the media fraternity on the reasons for his sudden departure.

Reliable sources within the Indian Express told Janta Ka Reporter that Swami left the paper almost a month ago. However, no one quite knows the reason behind his sudden departure as the journalist himself has chosen to remain tight-lipped over the issue.

Swami leaving The Indian Express became a topic of intense conversation after a Pakistan-based journalist, Marvi Sirmed, tweeted a link to the journalist’s story on Kulbhushan Jadhav, published by Frontline website. Jadhav, sentenced to death for espionage, is currently jailed in Pakistan.

A shocked Sagarika Ghose asked on Twitter, “What? @praveenswami sacked from @IndianExpress ?? Can this be true?” To which, Swami replied, “Um, no—and you could have called if you wanted to know :)”

A lot will be clearer once Swami chooses to break his silence on his sudden departure from the paper. Meanwhile, his Frontline article is being fervently shared by Pakistani media outlets.

A day after Frontline carried his story on Kulbhushan Jadhav, Pakistan’s Dawn website prominently quoted Swami’s article with the following headline, ‘Jadhav may be serving naval officer, says Indian magazine.’ Also quoting Frontline article were Pakistan’s Dunya News (Headline: Kulbhushan was part of Indian secret war, claims Indian journalist), Express Tribune (Headline: How Kulbushan Jadhav led India’s covert war in Pakistan) and The Nation (Headline: Jadhav might still be serving Indian Navy, writes Indian magazine) among other publications.

When contacted, Swami told Janta Ka Reporter that he did not wish to comment on the topic yet.