PM Modi’s ‘Congress-free India’ dream crushed as country’s electoral map changes significantly


After a long drama, the Election Commission of India on Tuesday morning finally confirmed the results for Madhya Pradesh, giving the Congress 114 seats with BJP emerging victorious in 109 constituencies. BSP’s Mayawati officially announcing her party’s support to the Congress on Wednesday morning was the last straw in ending the 15 years of BJP rule in Madhya Pradesh. This also meant that the Congress has now outsmarted the saffron party in a large swathe of Hindi heartland comprising three states, spread over 519 seats.

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The Congress forming governments in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan dealt a crushing blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dreams of making India free from the Congress. Though Modi displayed a rare humility on Tuesday and conceded his defeat, the results came as a crude reminder to him that his arrogance, which has been on display during most of his election rallies in the last four years, had possibly kick-started his downfall.

Speaking in February this year, Modi had arrogantly predicted, “(Puducherry Chief Minister) Narayanasamy will become a show piece for the Congress party. Do you know the reason why? I will tell you. After June, Congress party will have only Narayanasamy to showcase as a chief minister from the party in the country.”

His comments were made in reference to the party’s ‘guaranteed defeats’ in Meghalaya and Karnataka. The Congress later formed government in Karnataka with the help of the JDS.

Tuesday’s results showed just how much the saffron had shrunk in Indian within in the last one year. From from becoming extinct, as was the ambition of Modi, the Congress will now have governments in six states. The party will also go into the 2019 Lok Sabha polls with the cadres’ morale at an all-time high.

India’s new electoral map: Via Somnath Dutta on Twitter


Here’s how the parties performed in five states on Tuesday.

The drama in Madhya Pradesh continued till the early hours of Wednesday morning after the Election Commission finally announced that the Congress had won 114 seats, just two short of majority. The BJP won 109 seats, down 56 seats as compared to its performance in 2013. The BSP won two, while others including Samajwadi Party won two.

The Congress surprised political pundits by causing an annihilation of the BJP in Chhattisgarh, where it emerged out of nowhere to win 68 out of 90 seats and reduced the ruling BJP to just 15 seats. The Congress performance here assumes extra significance in light of the fact that the party’s entire leadership was decimated following the Naxal attack of 2013 in Jagdalpur. The attack had resulted in the killings of 27 people including the state Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel, senior party leader Mahendra Karma and veteran party leader Vidya Charan Shukla. The party also shown doors to its former chief minister Ajit Jogi and decided to go into polls under a relatively unproven leadership.

In Rajasthan, the Congress won 100 out of 199 seats that went to polls. This is an increase of 79 seats since its performance in 2013. The BJP’s tally was reduced to 73, 89 less than what it got five years ago. Outgoing Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje graciously conceded defeat and submitted her resignation on Tuesday evening.


In Telangana, there was not much luck for the Congress as the Telangana Rashtra Samiti swept the polls by winning 88 out of 119 seats. The Congress and the alliance had to contend with just 21 seats. Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM won 7 seats.

Mizoram’s results showed that the Congress had lost its presence in the entire North-East as the party failed to return to power. Mizo National Front won 26 out of 40 seats, the Congress’ tally was reduced to just five, 29 less than its performance in 2013.