PM Modi was better off not speaking on Dadri: Online poll


Prime Minister Narendra Modi should not have commented on Dadri incident, reveals an online poll conducted by

57.1 5 respondents who took part in this poll felt that PM Modi was better off not commenting on the murder of 52-year-old Muhammad Akhlaq as his comments lacked condemnation of the barbaric incident and generated further controversy.

43 % online voters disagreed and felt it was a good idea that the PM spoke even after a prolonged silence. 1.9 % respondents were non-committal on this issue.

The sample size of this poll was of 381 people.

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Both PM Modi’s silence on Akhlaq’s lynching and the subsequent comments were met with huge controversies.

Mohammad Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh Dadri area was lynched to death by a mob of over 100 people after a rumour alleged that he had eaten and stored beef in his house. The subsequent forensic tests conclusively established that the meat stored in Akhlaq’s fridge was of goat and not cow. All bar one arrested for their alleged involvement is said to be members of the local BJP leader, Sanjay Rana’s family.

Akhlaq’s death had caused huge furore both in India and abroad with people criticising PM Modi for not breaking his silence even in the face of controversial and communally charged statements made by leaders from both the BJP and its affiliate groups.

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Modi spoke about Dadri episode in his interview to Anandabazar Patrika newspaper, describing how the incident had saddened him. He, however, quickly asked his detractors why his central government needed to be blamed for it. He even accused the opposition parties of playing the politics of polarisation.

This further irked the rights groups with many of whom suggesting that the prime minister was better off not speaking on this incident.

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