Parrikar taunts Digvijay, thanks him for allowing him to become Goa chief minister


Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday took a dig at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh for allowing him to form the government in the coastal state despite BJP winning only 13 seats.

Parrikar, according to IANS, was speaking in the Rajya Sabha, where he thanked the chairman, deputy chairman and other members during the Zero Hour.

He said, “I express my thanks to the chairman, deputy chairman and members of this house for their support during my tenure as Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister), and invite them to Goa whenever they want to come.

“My special thanks to honourable member Digvijay Singh, who happened to be in Goa but did nothing so that I could form the government.”

Speaking to reporters outside the parliament, Parrikar said that there was nothing immoral about the BJP forming the government in Goa with the help of smaller regional parties.

He said, “Other parties supported us as they didn’t trust the Congress…It’s a coalition government and there is no question of morality of immorality in it.”

The Congress had won 17 seats while the BJP’s tally was reduced to just 13 in the 40-member Goa assembly in the just concluded elections in the state.

The BJP had acted swiftly to form the government by securing support from Goa Forward and Maharashtrawadi Party, both of whom had won three seats each.

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