Pakistan again claims spy-drone was launched in India; India alleges ‘disinformation campaign’


The Pakistani army on Monday released images supporting its claim that the spy-drone it shot down in its territory along the Line of Control earlier this month was operated by the Indian army.

Pakistan claimed that that the images retrieved from the drone indicated that it flew from an Indian post and entered Pakistani territory.

Ever since the allegations,  New Delhi has rubbished suggestions of the drone being launched by India for aerial surveillance; maintaining that it was a Chinese-made quadcopter available off the shelf.

Soon after China’s official media reported that the drone was “recognised in Beijing as the Chinese made DJI phantom 3,” further weakening Pakistan’s claims.

However, countering these assertions, the Pakistani army has said in a statement that an image retrieved from the drone proves that after its purchase it was taken inside an office of M/S ASCOM, which is an Indian communication and Electronic Firm.

The statement also talked of a pre-flight picture showing the presence of an Indian soldier in the vicinity of the drone, though it only shows the legs of a person clad in military fatigues.

An image purportedly taken by the drone also shows an Indian flag, said the statement.

“The craft kept surveilling throughout facing towards Pakistani side of LoC, then crossed over LoC and pictured a Pakistani post”.

“There has been a sudden spike both in terms of intensity, caliber escalation and airspace violations by India along the LoC and international border,” the Pakistani army said.

However, the Indian army strongly countered the allegations, saying: “This disinformation campaign is part of Pakistan’s modus operandi. They’ve clearly taken their time making this. China has already made it clear that this drone was never sold to India.”