Ouch! Gold medalist Haryana athlete Manu Bhaker’s ‘jumla’ tweet irks BJP minister


Haryana’s Gold medalist athlete Manu Bhaker’s ‘jumla’ jibe aimed at the state’s sports minister Anil Vij has sparked a row. This after Bhaker took to Twitter to taunt Vij if his promise of Rs 2 crore cash reward for winning the gold medal in Youth Olympic Games-2018 was just a jumla.
Manu Bhaker

Using the screenshots of Vij’s old tweets, promising Rs 2 crore cash prize for winning a gold medal, Bhaker wrote, “Sir Please confirm if it is correct… Or just Jumla…”

Vij in his posted, posted on 10 October last year, had first congratulated Bhaker for winning the gold medal in the shooting competition. His subsequent tweet had read, “The Haryana government will give Manu Bhaker Rs 2 crore for this Gold medal. In earlier governments, this prize money used to just Rs 10 lakh.”

Irked by Bhaker’s jumla jibe, the minister launched a tirade against the 16-year-old shooter. He wrote, “Manu Bhaker should have first confirmed it from the Sports Deptt. before going to public domain. It is disgusting to denounce a State Govt which is giving highest awards in the Country. Bhaker will will will get 2 crores as tweated by me and as per notification at that time.”

Vij then lectured the young athlete on discipline as he wrote in his subsequent tweet, “There should be some sense of decipline in players. Bhaker should feel sorry for creating this controversy. She has a long way to go. She should focus on her game only.”

He was not done yet. His last tweet on the topic read, “We have increased Prize money from 10 lakh which was being given in previous Congress Govt. to 2 crores for this event. We have delivered prize money won by Haryana Players upto August on 15 August last year and remaining will be delivered possibly in January this year.”

Bhaker has emerged as a shining talent in the shooting competition as the young star from Goria village in Jhajjar in Haryana won several golds in the ISSF World Cup and Commonwealth Games. She won the Gold medal at the Youth Olympics last October.

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