OROP suicide: Tale of Modi’s two festive speeches, both come to haunt him

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An ex-serviceman allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison over the issue of One Rank One Pension scheme (OROP) in Delhi.

The 70-year-old ex-serviceman Ram Kishan Grewal from Haryanas Bhiwani district ended his life in the lawns behind the Jawahar Bhavan, which houses the Ministry of External Affairs, last evening.

Police said he along with three of his companions had come to the city apparently to submit a memorandum to the Defence Ministry over the issue of OROP.

According to his friends, Grewal, who served in the Army and the Defence Security Corps for 30 years, had been upset over the issue for sometime.

Defence Ministry sources said as per records, no request for appointment with Parrikar was made.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the suicide of an ex-serviceman here, saying both farmers and soldiers were ending their lives in his regime.

Kejriwal, a bitter critic of Modi, also alleged that the Prime Minister was “lying” that the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme was being implemented by the Centre, contending that ex-serviceman, Ram Kishan Grewal, would not have committed suicide if the scheme was being executed by the Centre.

A group of ex-servicemen led by Major General Satbir Singh (Retd) have been protesting against the OROP scheme introduced by the government.

The alleged suicide came just days after a one-man judicial committee on OROP submitted its report to Parrikar. Grewal’s tragic death also came just days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed in two public gatherings of soldiers that he had implemented One Rank One Pension.

Modi, while addressing soldiers on Dussehra in Lucknow, had ridiculed previous governments for playing politics on the issue of OROP. Few days later, while celebrating Diwali with soldiers in Himachal Pradesh, Modi once again mocked his predecessors for ignoring the interests of armed forces veterans for not fulfilling their demands on OROP.

Even in Himachal, Modi flaunted how he had wasted no time in implementing the OROP.

His claims were widely criticised even by armed forces veterans, who have been protesting at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for several months now.

You can watch Modi’s both speeches below.


  1. Modi, because there is no one else in present Govt. keeps saying that he has implemented OROP and has also started payment of the same. The present Govt. submitted in an affidavit in Supreme court in last week of December, 2015 stating that the OROP as have been given verdict in 2008 has been implemented and for delay they pleaded administrative complications. But what is the judgement ? ” Supreme court ruling effectively in favour of OROP the Apex Court had held – ‘ NO DEFENCE PERSONNEL Sr. IN RANK COULD GET A LOWER PENSION THAN HIS Jr. IRRESPECTIVE OF THE DATE OF RETIREMENT. THE OBJECT SOUGHT TO BE ACHIEVED WAS NOT TO CREATE A CLASS WITHIN A CLASS, BUT TO ENSURE THAT THE BENEFITS OF PENSION WERE MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL PERSONS OF THE SAME CLASS EQUALLY. TO HOLD OTHERWISE WOULD CAUSE VILENCE TO THE PROVISIONS OF ARTICLE 14 (EQUALITY) OF THE CONSTITUTION. SC RULED IN 2009.” MODI GOVT SUBMITTED A FALSE AFFIDAVIT AND HAS CHEATED SOLDIERS. It is convenient and pleasant also that it gives him added advantage in his politics to win elections that he spends Diwali with soldiers whose tongue are bound with discipline and neglects ex-servicemen because they speak out and speak of their grievance and also question. It is unfortunate that V K Singh a former Army Chief as Minister uses abusive languages for the dead man calling him of mental case and the fighting for 4 paise. Ashamed of him.


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