Omar Abdullah says Mufti government spying on him, ruling PDP rejects allegations


The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister on Friday made a stunning claim that the ruling People’s Democratic Party had deployed a spy to monitor his movements.

His tweet said, “Mufti government brazenly spying on me. A journalist interviewing me for a national daily just got stopped right outside my gate by CID person.”

According to Omar, the journalist in question was allegedly asked the ‘CID person’ about the purpose of her visit there.

Ruling PDP wasted no time in rejecting Omar’s allegations.

The political advisor to Chief Minister Mufti Mohamad Saeed and PDP’s youth president , Waheed Ahmad Parra told,” Whatever Omar Abdullah is saying is not true. The female journalist was not stopped by any CID person but he was his party worker who stopped the said women and asked her how she got entry quickly when they were not allowed to meet Omar Abdullah.”

Parra said there was no need for his government to spy on him.

He added, “Why should we spy on him? This allegation is totally baseless.Why should we waste our time in spying Omar Abdullah?”

Reacting to PDP’s denial, Omar told reporters that the Mufti Sayeed government was ‘using state machinery to gather information about what I do within confines of my own residence” adding that the man had identified himself as to the driver of the journalist as belonging to J&K CID.”

Meanwhile, Jammau and Kashmir police issued a statement saying that ‘in the context of views expressed in the social media by former chief minister Jenab Omar Abdullah, it is clarified that the procedures and protocols as laid down in the Blue book are being followed in respect of all SSG protectees including the former Chief Minister.”

The former chief minister ,however, did not disclose the name of the female journalist, who had come to interview him.