Odisha man climbs atop high-tension electric tower in sadness of lost friend


Railway authorities faced quite a scare on Wednesday morning after a man climbed atop high-tension electric tower at the Berhampur railway station. He had risked his life reportedly in sadness of his lost friend.

Photo: still from the video

The man’s decision caused quite a pandemonium as the railway authorities rushed to rescue him. A report by OTV said that the quick response by the railway officials helped rescue the man.

According to reports, the railway staff decided to immediately disconnect the electric supply to the transmission wires. Though it adversely affected the movements of the trains, they were able to successfully rescue the man.

“He kept saying that his friend is lost and he would not come down unless he is found. He kept changing statements and it appeared as if he was mentally unstable,” OTV quoted an onlooker passenger.

In the video, the man can be seen standing on the tower while officials attempts to engage him in conversation in a bid to persuade him to come down.

A member of the fire brigade team was quoted as saying, “He told us that he belongs to Assam and has a murder case against him. However, we will be sending him for medical examination to ascertain his mental condition.”