Odisha woman raped by man with husband’s help after she was lost in gambling


In a disturbing development, a mother of two in Odisha, has filed a police complaint against her husband, who allegedly helped his friend to rape her after he lost her in a gamble.

According to the complaint, the woman was handed over to a man, who her husband had lost to in gambling. The incident took place last week in Malangbalikuti village in Balikuti panchayat under Baliapal police limits in Balasore district of Odisha.

In a complaint filed yesterday, the woman alleged that her husband “helped” the accused rape her on 23 May, he said.

“The woman, a resident of Balikut village in Baliapal police station area, said her husband helped the man in gagging and tying her up when she resisted,” Officer-in-charge K S Padhi was quoted by PTI, adding that villagers claimed that the man “lost her” to the accused in a gamble.

Her rapist has been identified as one Abhiram Dalai, who is a resident of the same village.

Local media reports said that the couple have been married for 16 years and have two children, a son and a daughter. According to the complaint, the 35-year-old victim was forced by her husband to go near a farmland where Dalai was waiting for her. Her husband asked her to have a physical relationship with Dalai with whom he lost in gambling.

The victim, according to Odisha Sun Times, filed a written complaint with the Baliapal police on 27 May, but the cops shockingly asked both the victim and husband’s family members to mutually resolve the issues without registering a case.

The victim had approached the police for the first time on May 28, along with her husband and other villagers, to give in writing that she has reached a compromise with the accused and that she would not file a complaint in the case, Padhi said.

A day later, however, she changed her mind and registered an FIR in the matter, he said, adding that police are investigating into the matter.